VARECHIAN New Release ‘Tabula Rasa Ultima /// The Morbidoom)))’ – Out Oct 26th

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French blackened death metal Varechian release their new album Tabula Rasa Ultima /// The Morbidoom))), internationally on CD, via Sliptrick Records. Musically speaking, Tabula Rasa Ultima /// The Morbidoom))) sends out some old school eerie, blackened death and extreme grinding metal, played with ferocious intensity, mystical atmospheres, twisted grooves and hints of sick aural experimentations. So [...]

Sliptrick Records Welcome Blackened Death Metal Group VARECHIAN

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records: Varechian (FR) Blackened Death Metal Varechian came into existance in winter 2020 as a progression from the band Varech who released one studio album, Coldead Marble Memories, on February 29th, 2016. The new line-up melds some old school radical metal elements like seminal black metal, grinding death metal, crossover thrash/hardcore together [...]


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Varechian | Lyon | France Blackened Death Metal Influences: Celtic Frost | Old Mayhem | Darkthrone | Samael | Terrorizer | Panthymonium Discography: Coldead Marble Memories (as Varech) | Independent | 2016 Tabula Rasa Ultima /// The Morbidoom))) | Sliptrick Records | 2021 Current line-up: Mathrien D. Aka Ludo Putrid - Lead and Rythm [...]