THE IRONFIST Releases New Official Video For ‘The Tyrant’s Return’

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THE IRONFIST – The Tyrant’s Return [Official Video] Taken from the album: Tyrant’s Return | Sliptrick Records | 2023 The Tyrant’s Return is a revisit to The Ironfist's classic track entitled Tyrannikal Adversaries (released 2003). A tale of dominance, perseverance, and resurrected vengeance from the bloodied ashes of malicious betrayals, the Iron Tyrant rises once more to [...]

THE IRONFIST Prepare For The ‘Tyrant’s Return’ – Out May 30th

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NWOBHM artist from Singapore, The Ironfist, unleashes its latest full length abomination with Sliptrick Records entitled Tyrant's Return! Containing 13 tracks of merciless, vicious & unforgiving necro wave of blackened heavy metal, it is a must for all fans of traditional heavy metal worship and black thrash alike! Brace yourselves for relentless headbanging epic agression! A [...]

SLIPTRICK RECORDS Awesome Mix Vol LXIII – Free Download

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SLIPTRICK RECORDS - Awesome Mix Vol LXIII Download Cost - €0.00 01. Buzzed & Loaded – Rip It Up 02. Daniel Bohn – Divinity 03. Polymerase – Blade Of The Demon God 04. The Ironfist – Broken Shards Of Time 05. Vordona – Dark Moons Available for a limited time only! 5 tracks at 320 kbps. [...]

Sliptrick Records Welcome Necro Wave Of Blackened Heavy Metal Project THE IRONFIST

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records: The Ironfist (SG) Necro Wave of Blackened Heavy Metal The Ironfist is a one man NWOBHM (Necro Wave of Blackened Heavy Metal) project from Singapore and was originally formed in 1998 as a heavy metal quartet. The band evolved musically, experimenting with different genres such as black metal, thrash metal and [...]


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The Ironfist | SingaporeNWOBHM: Necro Wave of Blackened Heavy MetalInfluences:Iron Maiden | Manowar | Sabbat UKDiscography:Tyrant's Return | Sliptrick Records | 2023 Current line-up: Rip Alhuzzred - All Voices & Music Band links: Facebook | Youtube Listen on Spotify RELATED ARTIST POSTS Back to The Roster [...]