SLOT Album ‘200 кВт’ – Out Today!

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Get the CD at Shop Sliptrick now | 200 кВт Slot – 200 кВт 01. 200 кВт | 02. Кукушка | 03. ЗОЖ | 04. Я выберу солнце | 05. Естественный отбор | 06. Сколько денег | 07. На Марс! | 08. Не всё равно | 09. #ЯЩЕТАЮ | 10. Система | 11. Ильич (Son [...]

SLOT Spring Surprises Galore On ‘200 кВт’ – Out Feb 5th

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200 кВт is the eighth studio work in the discography of Russian alternative metal act Slot. The new release brings many surprises and should prove extremely interesting, both to loyal fans of the group and everyone who (but not only) loves and appreciates modern alternative rock! The surprises start with the name. Slot decided to break the vicious circle [...]

SLOT Single ‘Кукушка (The Cuckoo)’ – Out Now!

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Slot – Кукушка (The Cuckoo) Format: Online Single Genre: Rock | Alternative Rock | Nu Metal Listen on: Spotify Russian alternative metal group Slot have released their latest single from their upcoming full-length album. The track is called Кукушка (eng. The Cuckoo) and represents another new and exciting chapter in the bands career. It's a bold song [...]

SLOT Celebrate Their Years Of Existence On ’15 (The Best Of)’ – Out Aug 28th

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In 2016, Russian group Slot released their seventh studio album Septima (released internationally via Sliptrick Records) which turned out to be extremely successful for the band. On the day of its release, the album took first place on the overall iTunes chart, and one of its singles, Circles On The Water, became yet another hit of [...]

SLOT Release Official Video For The Recent Single ‘На Марс!’

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Slot – На Марс! [Official Video] Created by: Andrey Kalinin Russian alternative metalists Slot have released a brand new official video for their recent single На Марс! (On Mars!) It's a special animated feature and sends the band into far off space as they journey to the planet Mars. Following the release of 2016's Septima, Sliptrick [...]

SLOT Announce New Single, Video & Promotional Concerts

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One of Russia's biggest alternative rock/nu-metal bands, Slot, have announced their new single to be released digitally on March 31st, 2017. It's called На Марс! (To Mars!) and will be presented for the first time at shows in Moscow, Russia (March 30th), Riga, Latvia (March 31st - sold out) and in St. Petersburg, Russia later in [...]

SLOT Swarm Across Russia On Their Jubilee Tour

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On Feb 4th, rock act Slot embark on their biggest ever tour across Russia. The tour marks the bands 15 year anniversary and covers a great number of cities, some of which they will play for the first time. The Spring dates below are just the first part of the tour and includes the cities of [...]

SLOT & THE SILVERBLACK– New Official Videos

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Circles On The Water is a sweeping, atmospheric ballad from Russian band Slot, that explodes into raging guitar & vocals that encapsulate singer Nookies fantastic vocal range and the bands direct song structures. The video is their most ambitious to date with powerful images and a specific story line that capture the mood and message of [...]

СЛОТ [The Slot] brand new album “Septima” to be available soon!

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Sliptrick Records proudly announces the release of the latest СЛОТ album, titled 'Septima' , under licensing by М2БА Records (handling the Russian territory) СЛОТ is a Russian alternative rock band, founded in February 2002 in Moscow. The band features: Cash – vocals EyeD – guitar Nookie – vocals Nikita Muraviov – bass Vassily Ghost Gorshkov – [...]