Antichrist Magazine Present ‘A Tribute To Black Sabbath’ Featuring Sliptrick Artists

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Antichrist Magazine – A Tribute To Black Sabbath [Official Video] Music originally written and composed by Black Sabbath Our good friends at Antichrist Magazine have released a special recorded tribute to the legendary metal group Black Sabbath and it features tracks from the Sliptrick roster including Ironthorn (who kick off the tribute), Simplefast, Blood Of Angels, Crawling [...]

SIMPLEFAST Lyrics & Official Video From The Latest Album ‘Eternal’

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Simplefast – The Liar's Truth [Official Video] Simplefast – Nero Reborn [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: Eternal | 2020 It's been a tough time in recent months but Greek modern metal group Simplefast have kept themselves busy backing up the release of their latest album Eternal (Sliptrick Records - February 21st, 2020) with two video releases. First [...]

SIMPLEFAST Release New Lyrics Video For ‘Tension’

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Simplefast – Tension [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: Eternal | 2020 Greek metal group Simplefast have released a new lyrics video taken from their recent album release Eternal. The track is called Tension and here's what the band had to say about it; "Tension is a song for the awakening and liberation of the human mind. [...]

SIMPLEFAST Burn Through The Light ‘Eternal’ – Out Feb 21st

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Eternal is the second full-length album release from the Greek metal band, Simplefast and set for release worldwide via Sliptrick Records on February 21st. After 3 years since their last release Apocalypse, Simplefast have returned with heavier and faster songs and a world-class production. The album is also the first work to feature the new singer [...]

SIMPLEFAST Release New Audio Videos

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Simplefast – Sins / Chasing Ghosts / Enter The Maze / Alive [Audio Video] Taken from the album: Apocalypse | 2017 Greek metal-lists Simplefast have released audio videos from their last full-length release Apocalypse, in the form of two tracks entitled Sins and Chasing Ghosts respectively. Simplefast are currently working on their 3rd album, tentatively called Eternal, due for release via [...]

SIMPLEFAST Release New Lyrics Video Which Makes Them ‘King Of The World’

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Simplefast – King Of The World [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: Apocalypse | 2017 Greek metal-lists Simplefast have released a new lyrics video from their last album Apocalypse. It comes in the form of the crackerjack King Of The World. Simplefast are currently working on their 3rd album, due for release via Sliptrick Records in early [...]

Sliptrick Welcome Modern Thrash Metal Group SIMPLEFAST

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Simplefast (GR) Modern Metal | Thrash Metal Simplefast is a Modern Metal/Thrash Metal band from Athens, Greece. They were formed in late 2011 and after various changes in their line-up, the band began to gig in March 2012. Over the years, they have played numerous shows and supported well-known [...]


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Simplefast | Athens | Greece Modern Metal | Thrash Metal Influences: Metallica | Bullet For My Valentine | Avenged Sevenfold | Iron Maiden Discography: Cursed | Independent | 2014 Apocalypse | AMAdea Music | 2017 Eternal | Sliptrick Records | 2020 Current line-up: Yiannis Voulgaropoulos - Vocals Hector S. - Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals Panos Zorg [...]