MONGOL & WORSELDER Join The Roster At Sliptrick Records

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Mongol (CA) Folk Metal | Melodic Death Metal Worselder (FR) Heavy-thrash | Stoner Mongol Forged in the frozen bowels of Edmonton, Alberta, the folk metal act Mongol, pays homage to the Mongolian Empire of old. Blending heavy melodic riffs with an array of folk instruments and Asian harmonies, [...]

MONGOL EP ‘Warrior Spirit’ – Out Today!

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The Warrior Spirit EP, released by Canadian Folk Metal band, Mongol, is a brief but powerful release. Being the band’s first release since 2014, the EP is intended to give the listener a taste of Mongol’s future sound and build excitement for the many great things to come. Warrior Spirit showcases the bands new, unique sound [...]