MARY’S BLOOD Album ‘Bloody Palace’ – Out Today!

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Bloody Palace features 11 hard and heavy sounds and features standout heavy metal/hard rock tunes such as Bite the Bullet, Grayish World, Moebius Loop and more. The girl’s wear their 80’s influences on their sleeves whilst updating the sound with the traditional Mary’s Blood feel. Bloody Palace and Fate are fantastic companion pieces and both are a must for any self respecting Mary’s Blood fan. [...]

MARY’S BLOOD Reign Supreme In Their ‘Bloody Palace’ – Out Oct 17th

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Sliptrick Records are proud to announce the US release of Mary's Blood's tremendous 2nd album, Bloody Palace. With their current album, Fate (released via Sliptrick Records on Aug 29th), doing the rounds and gaining a great deal of buzz, we wanted to add Bloody Palace as part of their catalog on the label. The album may [...]

MARY’S BLOOD Album ‘Fate (US Edition)’ – Out Today!

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From Eye’s soaring vocals and Saki’s virtuoso guitar licks, through to the fabulously solid backing and drive from Mari and Rio on drums and bass respectively, Mary’s Blood take you on a sonic adventure full of dirty grooves, classic stomps and even a torchlight ballad. The album also features collaboration work with other great Japanese artists such as [...]

MARY’S BLOOD Believe In ‘Fate’ – Out Aug 29th

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Sliptrick Records are proud to present the US release of the 3rd album from one of the very best Japanese all-female, hard rock, heavy metal band Mary's Blood. The album Fate features 11 fantastic tracks drenched in 80's influenced power metal mixed with the girl's own brand of modern sensibilities to conjure the unmistakable Mary's Blood [...]

Sliptrick Records Announce US Release For Japanese Band MARY’S BLOOD

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Sliptrick Records are proud to announce their new licensing partnership with Victor Entertainment (Asia). With that news comes the release date of the most recent album from Japanese all girl band Mary's Blood. The album Fate will be made available in the US, Canada and Mexico via Sliptrick on August 29th, 2017. Mary's Blood (JP) Hard [...]


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Mary’s Blood | Tokyo | Japan Hard Rock | Heavy Metal Discography: 0 -Zero- (EP) | R.J Record | 2011 Scarlet (EP) | Naked Sound | 2012 Azure (EP) | Naked Sound | 2013 Countdown To Evolution | Nippon Columbia | 2014 Bloody Palace (US Edition) | Sliptrick Records | 2017 Fate (US Edition) | Sliptrick [...]