SLIPTRICK RECORDS Awesome Mix Vol XXXIX – Free Download

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SLIPTRICK RECORDS - Awesome Mix Vol XXXIX Download Cost - €0.00 01. Fullmåne – The World Will Burn 02. Sintax – Lethal And Armed 03. Snake Bite Whisky – Raised In Hell 04. Tides Of Kharon – Kronos Descends 05. Under Attack – The Sign And The Cross Available for a limited time only! 5 tracks [...]

FULLMÅNE Are Ready, Waiting And ‘Lurking In The Dark’ – Out March 16th

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Lurking In The Dark, the new album from Norwegian project Fullmåne, is a dark and dirty tribute to nighttime drifting, the silent streets, its about being bored and not fitting in with the crowd. Just looking for something to do, looking for a way out. Warping electronic keyboards hover over the songs like a trippy horror [...]

Sliptrick Records Welcome Norwegian Black Metal Project FULLMÅNE

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records: Fullmåne (Fullmoon) (NO) Black Metal | Punk | Space Rock The Fullmåne (eng. Fullmoon) project started in 2017, after Mad Moonshine Mattis left the thrash-punk band Enter Obscurity. He wanted to make something purely his own and simply have something to do. So he learned to play drums, bass, sing (not [...]


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Fullmåne (Fullmoon) | Tromsø | Norway Black Metal | Punk | Space Rock Influences: Mayhem | Black Sabbath | Primer Regimen | Svart Framtid | Hawkwind Discography: Lurking In The Dark | Sliptrick Records | 2021 Current line-up: Mad Moonshine Mattis AKA Pyroman (Pyromaniac) - All music Band links: Facebook | Youtube Soundcloud [...]