BASTIAN Delve Into The Dark On For Their 4th Release ‘Grimorio’ – Out Jul 31st

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Italian group Bastian, led by Sebastiano Conti, return with their 4th album, the dark and heavy Grimorio. The album was recorded toward the end of 2017 and it has a pure Black Sabbath sound (Ozzy era) with the power and harmonics of modern days. It's a sound that draws its breath from the oldest and darkest [...]

BASTIAN Release New Video For ‘It’s Just A Lie’ Taken From Their Forthcoming Album

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Bastian – It's Just A Lie [Official Video] Taken from the album: Grimorio | 2018 Videomaker: Skyline Services (Siracusa) Actors: Sebastiano Conti, Roberta Fontana Italian rock group Bastian are back with their first material from the forthcoming album Grimorio, released via Sliptrick Records on July 31st. The official video is for the track It's Just A [...]

Heavy Metal Magazine BATTLE HELM Interview Sliptrick Bands

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Battle Helm have done a new selection of interviews with various groups from the Sliptrick Records roster. As usual, the interviews cover various topics such as the ideology of the bands, their musical style, stories behind their names and/or albums, a couple of mentions for us (thanks guys) and other interesting snippets. Below are the bands [...]

BASTIAN Album ‘Back To The Roots’ – Out Today!

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Bastian are now ready to release their brand new album Back To The Roots with the stripped down line-up of Sebastiano Conti on guitar, Vinny Appice on drums, the swedish singer Apollo Papathanasio and the indestructible Corrado Giardina on bass. Take a listen to the sampler below. Read more about Back To The Roots [...]

BASTIAN Are Getting ‘Back To The Roots’ – Out Feb 28th

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The Bastian band/project was formally conceived in 2014 and the following year, an album written and produced by leader Sebastiano Conti was their first release .Entitled Among my Giants, it featured american singers Michael Vescera (ex Malmsteen, Loudness, Animetal Usa, Obsession) and Mark Boals (ex Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Ring of fire). On drums, the great Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, Heaven [...]

BASTIAN, ALTHEA & SERIAL VICE Sign With Sliptrick Records

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Sliptrick Records welcome 3 new bands to the roster due to release material on the label in the coming months. All three bands come from the same country, so you could say that today we present "The Italian Job": Bastian (IT) Hard Rock Althea (IT) Experimental Progressive Rock/Metal | Art Rock Serial Vice (IT) Heavy Metal [...]


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Bastian | Portopalo | Italy Metal Influences: Black Sabbath Discography: Among My Giants | Underground Symphony | 2015 Rock Of Daedalus | Underground Symphony | 2016 Back To The Roots | Sliptrick Records | 2017 Grimorio | Sliptrick Records | 2018 Current line-up: Sebastiano Conti - Guitar Nicklas Sonne - Vocals James Lomenzo - Bass [...]


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