Tears Of A Clown is the third self-produced album from French heavy thrash group Syr Daria. The album was created with an additional member on the bass, Mr Pascal Husser, who joined Syr Daria as the official bass player in 2018. Tears Of A Clown is probably the most powerful and mature album from the band with the mix of heavy “traditional” sounds with groovy thrash sequences. Two years were necessary to composed the tracks and the mixing and mastering process was done at KR Noyz Studio (East of France).

The themes are just like the band, varied and limitless; exploring the complexities of human psychology, analyzing particular daily lapses of time and even contemporary sci-fi literature. Tears Of A Clown is a truly powerful album, a wonderful mix of traditional metal while leaning towards modern musical styles.

Syr Daria have given the best of themselves with their new album. The production was especially coordinated to bring power and clarity to Tears Of A Clown. The album is certainly more percussive and direct without losing the melodic touch of the group that can be found throughout the 10 tracks of this excellent new album.

Tears Of A Clown | Released on November 12th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. In The End | 02. Virus | 03. Elm Street | 04. Tears Of A Clown | 05. Brother | 06. Mr Gray | 07. When The Roses Fade | 08. Losers’ Club | 09. Red Silence | 10. Randall Flagg

Syr Daria are:
Guillaume Hesse – Vocals | Christophe Brunner – Drums | Pascal Husser – Bass | Michel Erhart – Guitars | Thomas Haessy – Guitars

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick