Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Shadowpath (CH) Symphonic Death Metal | Melodic Dark Metal | Progressive Power Metal

Shadowpath was formed in 2005 from an initial concept for a rock band called Spellbound. The Shadowpath line-up was put together quickly and what followed, was a lot of fun, heavy work and creative intensity. The first 10 songs were written, arranged and recorded as a demo Into The Shadows. While constantly creating fresh and innovative music, the band then worked with a variety of inspiring musicians, in particular Dominique (now Deadline X), who not only recorded a couple of amazing tracks during that period, but also played several concerts with Shadowpath (eg. with Lunatica). The band then recorded a second demo EP, Dissipating Flows, which included a collaboration with international guest artists such as Chilean guitarist Pierre.

Shadowpath went on a small concept tour through different Swiss locations (with Deep Sun, Mind Patrol, Under My Skin, etc.), after which a major project arose as the band decided to finally record their debut studio album, Rumours Of A Coming Dawn. It was recorded with Gisselle (ex-Confess) and mixed at SOS Basement Rec. and mastered at Echochamber in Zurich. The album received an independent online release in 2017 and gained incredibly positive feedback from various reviewers comparing the groups music to bands like Opeth and Nightwish.

Singer Simone Christinat (Ex-Felony, Ex-Elis, Ex-Legenda Aurea) has now joined Shadowpath for live shows and to work on the bands second album, which is going to be another incomparable, intriguing piece of woven acoustic dreams. Shadowpath create a melodically sweet, melancholy, gloomy, yet uncompromisingly brutal world, always accompanied by subtle, intense lyrics full of emotions. Their soundscape, as it has since the very early days, includes all the different influences from symphonic, progressive, gothic, death and power metal – or as one reviewer once put it: “An open-minded sound and a healthy disregard for traditional genre limitations”!

Sliptrick Records will be re-releasing Rumours Of A Coming Dawn worldwide on CD and the usual digital platforms soon!

Rumours Of A Coming Dawn | Released TBA, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Shadowpath are:
Philipp Bohny – Keyboards/Growl and Backing vocals | Simone Christinat – Lead vocals | Samuel Baumann – Drums | Stefano Riario – Guitars

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