Russian sci-fi metal group Sunwalter head out on their first tour of 2018 taking 3 East European countries. Titled The Course Of The Alien King, this will be a joint tour with Polish group Lux Perpetua. The band are still heavily promoting their recent release, Alien Hazard, which has been getting extremely positive reviews. This is always a fun and colourful band to check out live as you can see from the gallery below. Sunwalter hope to announce dates in Russia and wider afield very soon!

Here’s Sunwalter’s tour announcement from their always entertaining Facebook page;
“Earthmen! After the lengthy New Year holidays, we have finally returned to the habitual orbit around this planet. While the Earth celebrated the date, we have decided on the upcoming venues in terms of our next European tour, and we are ready to share the information with you. Unfortunately, there are no dates of Russian shows on the list yet, but we’ll try to persuade the Anunnaki race to consider that territory as landing site during the tour. Please, don’t hesitate to let us know, where else you would like to visit Sunwalter performances.”

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Mar 16 | Vilnius, Lithuania
Mar 17 | Kaunus, Lithuania
Mar 18 | Riga, Latvia
Mar 22 | Rzeszów, Poland
Mar 23 | Warsaw, Poland
Mar 24 | Iława, Poland
Mar 25 | Łódź, Poland

All dates with Lux Perpetua

Sunwalter – Alien Hazard
Harsh black metal male vocals and clean-singing female chorals are blended into layers of symphonic power metal. This is Sunwalter, a Moscow based project classified as Sci-Fi Metal. Their brand new album, Alien Hazard, is certainly heavy and to a certain extent extreme but don’t be afraid to dip into their ecosystem, there’s plenty to delve into and enjoy. Sunwalter assault us in the best possible way with 10 original tracks showing their own unique and twisted vision. Read more …here

Get your copy of Alien Hazard from: Shop Sliptrick | Amazon | iTunes
Listen to the whole of Alien Hazard on: Spotify

Alien Hazard | Released on September 15th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Sunwalter are:
Alexio – Extreme Vocals | Olga Sol – Clean Vocals | Myutel – Guitar | St.Odium – Bass | Miran – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick

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