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Stigmata – Mainstream?
01. Kobra | 02. Tsunami | 03. Vostok (feat. Garri Topor) | 04. Kilogertsy | 05. Pravda | 06. Paraplany | 07. Radio Smert | 08. Protiv pravil | 09. Yakorya (feat. Nils SCANG) | 10. Na povtor

Genre: Alternative Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 21.08.18
Duration: 00:38:57
Tracks: 10

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Released through Sliptrick Records in CD format only!

“Mainstream?” – the question mark at the end of the title of Stigmata’s first full-length album in five years is not accidental. The release does ask a lot of questions. On the laws of existence of street kids, on the blind faith in global ideas and mass movements, on evil underground rock and the death of radio formats… Clean, clear arrangements, catchy melodic passages, catchy vocal melodies – the album is filled with these qualities. Whether it’s “Mainstream” or not, is for the listener to decide. But the direction of development that the musicians of Stigmata have chosen for themselves, is quite clearly traceable on the new record. Read more about Mainstream? …here

Stigmata are:
Taras – Guitars | Denis – Bass | Mitay – Guitars | Nelson – Vocals | Vladimir Zinoviev – Drums

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