Syndrome is a concept album from Italian melodic death metal group Steel Cage, in which 10 melodic death metal songs rich in gothic and progressive influences, tells of an apocalyptic vision of the near future. The first artificial intelligences able to feel emotions are an extraordinary achievement, but their new-born and unprepared emotionality has made them easy prey for demonic possessions.

Syndrome tells of the spread of this techno-demonic epidemic, of the machine-man leap and of the harsh war that follows, of the indomitable essence of the human spirit and of the final resistance. Steel Cage concentrate on mixing death, gothic and some progressive elements with their primary roots based on thrash metal. They infuse this with their anger and the pain of living in a sick society.

01. Red Detonin’ Pyre | 02. Welcome Obscuritas | 03. In-Static Mind | 04. Trusting Hysteria | 05. Humanity Threshold | 06. Saturn’s Moon | 07. Revenge (of Sanity) | 08. Final Resistance | 09. Blackest Pray | 10. Code: 666

Syndrome | Released July 19th, 2022 on Sliptrick Records

Steel Cage are:
Silvia Nardoni – Vocals | Gianluca Rungetti – Lead Guitar | Giuseppe Rungetti – Rhythm Guitar | Marco Campassi – Bass | Gennaro Eneghes – Drums

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