The Man In A Glass EP is the result of the band’s need to express our artistic sensitivity and musical ideas. It draws inspiration from all kinds of rock, ranging from progressive all the way to alternative rock.

The lyrics are inspired by different day-to-day topics and stories: for example, The Man In A Glass talks about alcohol abuse as a means to defy reality – hence the play on words. Our Lady Of Grace refers to a local legend about “La Madonna di Nettuno”, the famous statue in the bands hometown. Legend has it that, whilst on the way to Naples from the harbor of Ispwhich, a massive thunderstorm forced the ship transporting the statue to dock in Nettuno – where Our Lady Grace remains to this day. This episode was interpreted as a sign of Our Lady Of Grace’s will to settle in Nettuno.

What has inspired the writing of Mask, is the human need to sometimes wear a “mask” in order to conceal our feelings or longing for another person’s company, while You Are Gone expresses all the sadness that comes with losing a loved one. We always hope that, wherever that person may go (some place else, if not the afterlife), he or she may keep us in their memory.

The Man In A Glass | Released November 3rd, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Mask | 02. The Man In A Glass | 03. You Are Gone | 04. Our Lady Of Grace

Mixed and mastered by Luca Pellegrini.

Stairs Of Life are: 
Luca Aldisio – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Flute | Alessio Erriu – Electric Guitar | Giordano Maselli – Bass, Keyboards, Synth | Fabio Vitiello – Drums

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