New Æon is the name of the third studio album by the music project King SVK. The pillars of the project are two musicians: Ivan Kráľ (keyboards and programming) and Norbert Ferencz (guitars). Although the album combines the speed and punch of thrash and death metal, the authors are referring to the sound of the album as “original metal”.

The reason behind this label is to emphasize the uniqueness of the album. This uniqueness is expressed by the name itself. New Æon means new era (age). A new era for Ivan’s music but also for the genre itself. According to King SVK, metal as a musical genre stagnates in many ways and so called pioneering groups do not come up with anything new but rather stay within their comfort zone. “This album is an expression of the effort to start a new era for the metal genre,” says the founder of the project, Ivan King Kráľ, who also in 1998 said in claimed in public: “Metal originated in England, but it will be revived in Slovakia!”

The theme of the album’s text is dedicated to ancient Egypt (magnificent stories of Egyptian Pharaohs and gods), mythology, philosophy. The theme of the sea appears many times within the lyrics and the author is expressing his connection with the water element (Ivan is born in the zodiac sign of the Aquarian). The album also features a philosophical work by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the composition Homeless. Ivan’s inspiration for the tracks are also found in the popular works by well-known English romantic poets Shelley and Lord Byron while he gives the opportunity to hear his own philosophical views in the songs Sea In The Soul and The Age Of Aquarius. The meanings of the lyrics are often highlighted by alternating between growling and pure vocals. And that creates just the right atmosphere!

New Æon | Released on October 22nd, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Ozymandias | 02. Hymnus Aton | 03. Chant Of Praise Of Nimaatre | 04. Seeking Of Being | 05. Homeless | 06. Venetian Night | 07. Sea In The Soul | 08. After Swimming | 09. With Horus In The Sky | 10. The Age Of Aquarius

King SVK are:
Ivan (King) Kráľ – Keyboards/Programming/Lyrics | Norbert (Noro) Ferencz – Guitars

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