Circles On The Water is a sweeping, atmospheric ballad from Russian band Slot, that explodes into raging guitar & vocals that encapsulate singer Nookies fantastic vocal range and the bands direct song structures. The video is their most ambitious to date with powerful images and a specific story line that capture the mood and message of the song. This is yet another tremendous track from the album Septima, released on Sliptrck Records earlier this Spring.

Slot – Circles On The Water
Directed and edited by Ilya Ace and Vasily Feofanova
Taken from the album “Septima” available on Sliptrick Records …here
Listen on Spotify …here

Shot in Camden Town, London and the surrounding area, Dandelion features keyboard player Nisha Sara and is a departure from the usual full on videos we’ve seen from The Silverblack before. The track is taken from their self-titled album The Silverblack released on Sliptrick Records in September.

The Silverblack – Dandelion
Directed and edited by Ivan King
Listen on Spotify …here