200 кВт is the eighth studio work in the discography of Russian alternative metal act Slot. The new release brings many surprises and should prove extremely interesting, both to loyal fans of the group and everyone who (but not only) loves and appreciates modern alternative rock!

The surprises start with the name. Slot decided to break the vicious circle and, unlike their seven predecessors, the album did not receive a title associated with the serial number of the album. However, 200 кВт accurately conveys the mood and fresh way of thinking of the new full-length.

The new concept, sound and presentation will definitely surprise the well-established audience of Slot fans. But, judging by the reactions caused by the material at recent concerts, the public has positively and enthusiastically accepted the updated Slot. 200 кВт is a dynamic, electronically coated, aggressive and topical dance box. This doesn’t mean the group have forgotten their guitars or their roots, there is still plenty of fire and passion to go along with the expanded grooves.

The first taste of the album was the song and video На Марс! (To Mars!), released in March 2018. The second single, in November the same year, was the track Кукушка (The Cuckoo). The song (as expected) had wide resonance and caused discussion among the professional environment, largely due to it’s sharp social commentary and experimental sound. This epitomizes the new Slot album …the same but oh so different!

200 кВт | Released February 5th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records/M2BA

Track Listing:
01. 200 кВт | 02. Кукушка | 03. ЗОЖ | 04. Я выберу солнце | 05. Естественный отбор | 06. Сколько денег | 07. На Марс! | 08. Не всё равно | 09. #ЯЩЕТАЮ | 10. Система | 11. Ильич (Son of A Bitch) | 12. Вселенная

Slot are:
Nookie – Female Vocal | Cache – Male Vocals, Programming | ID – Guitar | Vasiliy GHOST Gorshkov – Drums | Nikita Muravyov – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | VK | On Sliptrick