Slot – Кукушка (The Cuckoo)
Format: Online Single
Genre: Rock | Alternative Rock | Nu Metal

Listen on: Spotify

Russian alternative metal group Slot have released their latest single from their upcoming full-length album. The track is called Кукушка (eng. The Cuckoo) and represents another new and exciting chapter in the bands career. It’s a bold song where sharp lyrics and hard grooves now reign!

Igor “Cache” Lobanov (vocals) talks about the track; “This is the cry of the soul of a certain collective image, which is made up of our environment. Sometimes this character shouts, and in places that what is happening around him causes discomfort, some kind of cognitive dissonance, and then he simply says that he does not understand or disagree with it. And all this kills the patriot in him, because he does not see the holistic image of his country, the country for which he would be ready to give everything. He again loses peace, composure and begins to reflex and scream! In this case, the exact recipients of his screams are not known to him. He understands that this is complex and, as usual, in Russia, …there’s the unknown X.”

Slot’s new album is scheduled for release in Europe and the US on Feb 5th, 2019 via Sliptrick Records but Russians can rejoice in an earlier release date before the end of the year. More information will arrive very soon.

Slot are:
Nookie – Female Vocal | Cache – Male Vocals, Programming | ID – Guitar | Vasiliy GHOST Gorshkov – Drums | Nikita Muravyov – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | VK | On Sliptrick