Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Poison Pill (?) Heavy Metal | Hard Rock
Levania (IT) Gothic Metal
Carbon Seed (FR) Carbonic Death Metal
Sacro Ordine (IT) Heavy Metal | Epic Metal

Poison Pill
Poison Pill was formed around the ambition to link hard hitting metal with unique verbal expressions of human frustration. This first release is a statement that has developed from three musicians of diverse backgrounds getting together sharing their visions of a modern, revitalized metal sound. They felt there were new things to create in relation to the range of more traditional metal influences. Poison Pill wants to reinvent and challenge what has become stereotypical words, expressions and messages flooding the genre. There are more subjects to touch upon than beer, babes, rock’n’roll, and on the other hand hell, war and monsters. Like the faceless external forces that surround us Poison Pill is a statement that’s not based on faces and names. It’s not a matter of individuals forming a line-up to promote their own careers, it’s about staying true to the artistic expression without getting stuck in a cult of personality. The music, the lyrics, the songs are what is important and it is also, in the end, what will attract the listener.

Poison Pill | Released November 7th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Band links: Facebook | Youtube

There’s a lot of news in the Levania camp this year! Following the 2 previously released albums (Parasynthesis in 2012 and Renascentis in 2014), 2017 saw the Italian gothic metal group back in the studio recording their third body of work. The group has also decided to change their stride, shaking up and expanding their sound plus signing with Sliptricks Records for the release of the new EP. The band has re-grouped after the singer’s recent solo release and features Richie on guitars, Markus on drums, Elena and Still on vocals and Fade on Bass. Levania describe their sound as “black like the death and shining like childhood” which means their dark, ethereal moments are more than matched by their sting.

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

Carbon Seed
French group Carbon Seed play powerful and effective death metal. Heavy rhythms, incisive riffs and energetic vocals are sustained by floods of blast beats and double bass. Delivering fast and mid-tempo riffs along with powerful drums is at the heart of their sound. Dystopia, trans-humanism or artificial intelligence are themes touched upon in their lyrics. Their influences derive firstly from the 90’s UK death metal bands, namely Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower and so on. Also of importance are bands from the US wave, like Suffocation, Dying Fetus. The beginnings of Carbon Seed are now in the past and the best is to come, the band wish to play as much as possible, discover new friends around the world and make sense of everything they strive for. With that in mind, their debut 5 tracks EP Posthumanism is ready for release on Sliptrick Records …stay tuned!

Band links: Facebook

Sacro Ordine
The band Sacro Ordine dei Cavalieri di Parsifal (Sacred Order of Parsifal’s knights) was born in north Italy in the province of Gorizia in AD 2001, from an idea of two longtime friends: Paolo Fumis (vocals) and Carlo Venuti (guitar). The groups sound is an epic, evocative, but at the same time, powerful and solid Heavy Metal in the style of old school bands such as early Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Manowar and Candlemass. 10 tears on from their first release the band made a come back of sorts in 2015 with a live CD which was a mixture of old glories and brand new metal hymns. In 2016, the band started to record its first full length studio album, Heavy Metal Thunderpicking. Containing 8 tracks of classic heavy metal, the album will be released through Sliptrick Records soon.

Band links: Facebook | Youtube