Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Dead Frog (SRB) Heavy Metal | Progressive Metal

Dead Frog is a metal band From Serbia and have been playing and creating metal music for over a decade now. Influenced by bands from different metal and rock sub genres, and with the idea that metal is supposed to represent raw and powerful emotions, the group combine these styles and motifs with pure metal riffs. Dead Frog was founded by Davor Licic (rhythm guitar and lyrics) and Nikola Pancic (lead guitar and main riff maker) in 2007 and, shortly after, joined by Stefan Pancic (Bass guitar), Milos Pejcic (drums) and Zarko Ristic (vocals).

The line up has stayed the same through the years, allowing the members to grow together as musicians and people while making the vision and the sound of the band unique and homogeneous. Coming from a small town in Serbia, Dead Frog have fought to represent and promote the metal sound for years, gaining a specific expression and approach to their music with absolutely no compromise. The biggest asset of this crew is the ability to combine different musical elements and create authentic atmospheres and sounds.

In 2019, Dead Frog will present their first full-length album, Burning Bridges via Sliptrick Records. The album contains the very best of Dead Frog’s work so far, a pure 70 minutes from over a decade of creating and producing music.

Dead Frog are:
Zarko Ristic – Vocals | Nikola Pancic – Lead Guitar | Davor Licic – Rhythm Guitar | Stefan Pancic – Bass Guitar | Milos Pejcic – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick