Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Francis (MD) Metalcore | Melodic Death Metal

Francis is Metalcore/MDM band that originates from Tiraspol, Moldova in 2010 and although they began writing material throughout 2011, the first full line-up was only complete in 2012 when serious rehearsals began. Originally the group was called Guitarra del Dyablo but the decision was made to rename the group into something more memorable and easily pronounced. After much searching, Francis was officially born.

Why Francis?
In honor of the hurricane in America that, in the bands opinion, figuratively corresponded to their music.

In March 2015, the group released it’s first album Against A Current with older material written by the band and sung in the Russian language. Over the years, the band has been active on the live scene and on April 19th 2017, Francis played the festival “Rock over Dniester” in Tiraspol which was shown on national television as “Metal Displasement over Nistru” (1st Moldavian metal fest). Now Francis are ready to release their brand new album worldwide on March 27th 2018. It will be available in all the usual formats via Sliptrick Records.

A Million Years Of Loneliness | Released March 27th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Francis are:
Kirill Izhakovsky – Vocals | Alex Baboy – Guitars/Programming | Artemy Kessler – Bass/Extreme Vocals

Band links: Facebook | VK | Youtube | On Sliptrick