Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Songs From Black Spirit (LT) Progressive Melodic Metal

The history of Lithuanian project Songs From Black Spirit started in 2016. The musician leading the way is Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis (frontman of group Spicy Bits Of Scandal), he’s a metal-head hailing from Vilnius and crazy about heavy metal music He decided to create his first solo album with friends and world-known musicians from around the world called I Am Who I Am. The first lyrics video taken from the forthcoming album is Saecula Obscura/Love Is Blind and is released today.

Spicy Bits Of Scandal became famous in Lithuania during the 80’s with Vitalis joining as lead vocalist in 1991 for what might be called the bands “golden years”. The group have released numerous albums and played some of the largest festivals in the Baltic States and their output and gigs have received positive reviews throughout the European press.

Now Vitalis is ready with his international project Songs From Black Spirit to be released worldwide via Sliptrick Records in 2020. According to their author, “the upcoming songs will certainly be a legacy from Hell!!!”

Songs From Black Spirit is:
Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis – All Lead and Backing Vocals
Plus numerous guests – Other Instruments

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick