The wheels keep turning fast at Sliptrick Records and this week, joining the roster, we present for you 4 bands of differing style, age and attitudes. That’s just the kind of family we like. Read on brothers and sisters:

HoneyBombs (IT) Sleaze Hard Rock | Melodic Heavy Metal
Charlotte In Cage (IT) Metal | Alternative Rock
Crohm (IT) Heavy Metal | Thrash
DeathAwaits (FR) Death | Thrash | Hardcore

In their own words, “HoneyBombs are a pure fuckin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Rome, Italy”. Although formed in 2012, it took until 2015 for the band to finally reach the classic HoneyBombs line-up of Andrew “The Eagle” Skid (Lead Vocals), Alex Rotten (Guitars, Backing Vocals), Helias Marson (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), SteelBlade (Bass, Backing Vocals) , Fabulous Fab (Drums). In 2016, the band entered the recording studio to record thier debut album titled Wet Girls And Other Funny Tales ready for a 2017 release.

Wet Girls And Other Funny Tales | Released via Sliptrick Records on April 13th, 2017

Band links: Facebook | Youtube

Charlotte In Cage
All female band Charlotte In Cage, have been around since August 2015. The aim of the band is to spread the word in the “alternative” genre and to give a voice to all women that never surrender, that fight for their rights, that go on using their own strength. At the beginning the band was widely influenced by the “Riot Grrrls” movement until they decided to create their own peculiar sound, without labels on it.

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

Italian metal Crohm are an interesting tale. The original line-up dates back to 1986-88 and after splitting up for 26 years, the band re-grouped once again to start playing live shows and finally release their first album, Legend and Prophecy, in 2015. The momentum has continued and now the band are ready with a brand new album titled Humanity which will be released through Sliptrick Records next month. Never quit, never surrender!

Humanity | Released via Sliptrick Records on March 21st, 2017

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

French group DeathAwaits, were formed in 2002. The band create music using influences from different classic metal genders such as Death, Thrash, Hardcore and Grind. They have previously released 2 albums, Out Of Adversity in 2011 and The Abominable in 2014. Their brand new full length album, Solve Coagula will be released on Sliptrick Records soon!

Band links: Facebook | Youtube