Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

No Such Season (US) Grunge | Punk | Metal | Sludge Metal | Heavy Rock

No Such Season are a grunge-metal rock band bringing a blend of heavy tones, sludgy, raw guitars and powerful drums with a mix of punk overtones. Emerging from the shadows of the underground in Washington State, they are building on the footsteps of the great grunge acts from that area that preceded them and create a genre swapping musical experience of heavy rock, grunge, metal and punk. Following their self titled EP release in 2018 and after gaining significant airplay on both sides of the Atlantic, they are looking forward to the release of their debut album, U.A.F., via Sliptrick Records in 2020.

No Such Season was formed by Willem Coumou IV and Chad Anderson in 2016. The two had played together in a band called Dead Stare during their late teenage years. Once the band split, Willem went on to play with ESITU. In 2016, when ESITU disbanded, Willem wanted to play music and sought out Chad. They soon started jamming and through a vocalist they had been auditioning at the time, they added Daunish Chaudry to play bass. It was a good fit and chemistry from the start. Without a vocalist, they decided to play an instrumental show, and it was there they met Aaron Sparks. Aaron wanted to sing for the band, auditioned and the rest is history. The band slogan sums up the origins of the band; “No Rhyme, No Reason, There is No Such Season.”

No Such Season are:
Aaron Sparks – Vocals | Willem Coumou IV – Guitars | Daunish Chaudry – Bass | Chad Anderson – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | On Sliptrick