Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Triverse Massacre (UK) Death Metal | Blackened Thrash
Rosslyn (ES) Heavy Metal | Epic Metal

Triverse Massacre

Triverse Massacre are a crushing, groove heavy, death metal machine erupting onto the grim biscuit odored streets in the Northern English city of Carlisle. In 2012, their debut EP, In The Jaws Of Deceipt, was released to a great response in the underground metal community drawing comparisons with At The Gates and Lamb Of God. The follow up EP, With Bared Teeth And Truths (2014), contained 4 slabs of pit starting, abrasive metal, described by the mighty “No Clean Singing” website as “diving headfirst into a nest of pissed-off hornets”. The EP saw the band experimenting with their original influences whilst honing their songwriting to a sharpened edge. The new release from Triverse Massacre is entitled Hades and see the band, yet again, evolving their sound into something more uniquely vicious, stepping up their intensity and technical levels to truly create their own unique voice. Hades is due out via Sliptrick Records in early 2018.

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Spanish heavy metal band Rosslyn were formed at the end of 2015 in Calatayud. Their formation is a classic one: Borja on lead vocals, Jorge on solo guitar, Tomás on rhythm guitar, Jose on bass and Mikel on the drums. The band soon started to play in some towns in their region, and began composing their own songs which were influenced by artists such as Iron Maiden, Helloween, Dio, and Manilla Road to name a few. In September 2016, the band completed their self-produced demo album Day Of Eternal Faith which consisted of four original tracks, then in the summer of 2017, Rosslyn recorded their first full-length album, Soul In Sanctuary in Estudios Inguz (Zaragoza), where it was also mixed and mastered. This album features eight new tracks encapsulating the Rosslyn sound, a heavy metal that rides somewhere between traditional and epic. Soul in Sanctuary will be released on Sliptrick Records worldwide, date to be announced soon.

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Twitter