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WeissRavana (JP) Melodic Death|Blackened Deathcore

WeissRavana are unique melodic death metal/blackened deathcore reformists. They integrate subtle melodies, thrashing speed, modern heaviness and brutal riffs with complex and intellectual structures at an advanced level. While showing a deference toward melodic death metal, they flexibly incorporate a wide variety of musical elements unrestricted to metal, i.e. from thrash metal, metalcore and classical with Japanese animation and videogames.

The group takes the essential elements from a variety of music and integrate them with their compositions in an immaculate balance. Moreover, a darker kind of fantasy in urban and futuristic worldview, is one of the material prerequisites to elucidate the uniqueness of WeissRavana. This worldview is the common concept of WeissRavana, both visually and sonically in all their work, by emphasising the dark elements of fantasy such as myths and fairy tales and incorporating them with the mundane where mankind inhabit.

WeissRavana are:
Shiki Utagawa - Vocals | Hiori Nishiori - Guitar

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