Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Shadow In The Darkness (GR) Technical | Progressive Death Metal

Shadow In The Darkness are a quartet ensemble since 2009 that minister zealously the technical metal music arts based in Athens, Greece. In what it begets, they infuse melodic pliers with spicular (poly)rhythm acts all in a self-reflective outline of frugality in which they dare their contemplators not to partake into a spiralling multiverse of displays.

Set off with the Erstwhile Befell album which is the work of a daring act that set to perceive the concept of musical technicality in an explicit way. Whereas it may be the debut endeavor, it includes the full workings during a three-year period of refining following the juvenile preform Arcanum Experimentia Praetiosum EP (2015). Single releases in 2019 such as: The Aboriginal Storyteller, Interdisciplinary Sectarianism set the tone for a resonant experience of well-thought commodities & cogent recreation.

Shadow In The Darkness are:
Kostas Xynos – Vocals | Tasos Derisiotis – Guitars | Panayotis Derisiotis – Drums

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