Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records:

Varechian (FR) Blackened Death Metal

Varechian came into existance in winter 2020 as a progression from the band Varech who released one studio album, Coldead Marble Memories, on February 29th, 2016. The new line-up melds some old school radical metal elements like seminal black metal, grinding death metal, crossover thrash/hardcore together with some hectic rhythm and dark occult atmospheres. The result combining in an unusual and kind of experimental, aural maelmstrom.

Their lyrics deal with personal experiences, childhood trauma, all about interpretation and invocation of death, arcane spells and dark magic. Our inner desire to hide our dark personality is a recurring theme.

Varechian plan to release their upcoming album, Tabula Rasa Ultima /// The Morbidoom))), via Sliptrick Records later in 2021.

Varechian are:
Mathrien D. Aka Ludo Putrid – Lead and Rythm Guitars/Drums/Keyboards | Anton Supremacy – Guitars/Bass/Keyboards | Regis 7.7.7 Whyte – Vocals/Keyboards

Band links: Facebook | On Sliptrick