Online music magazine, Sick And Destroy, have recently featured interviews with some of the bands on the Sliptrick Records roster. In the interviews, they try to get more into the nitty gritty of how the bands work and what they are trying to achieve. Something above and beyond our standard official press releases.

Recent interviews include:
• Blut | …link
• Xaon | …link
• Confessions Of A Traitor | …link
• Distant Landscape | …link
• Althea | …link
• Crohm | …link
• Concrete Jellÿ | …link
• Dead South Dealers | …link
• Bastian | …link
• Bittered | …link

About Sick And Destroy
Sick and Destroy are a Metal and Rock music dedicated magazine, created by metalheads from USA, Austria and Poland, but covering bands worldwide! They aim to build a kind of metal library, generally focusing on upcoming bands with interesting news and many interviews and features.

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