Sliptrick Records are proud to announce their new licensing partnership with Victor Entertainment (Asia). With that news comes the release date of the most recent album from Japanese all girl band Mary’s Blood. The album Fate will be made available in the US, Canada and Mexico via Sliptrick on August 29th, 2017.

Mary’s Blood (JP) Hard Rock | Heavy Metal

Mary’s Blood
Japanese, Tokyo based band Mary’s Blood, are a power metal band consisting of Eye, Saki, Rio and Mari. Although their music is very much of the here and now, the band wear their love of the 80’s proudly and share with that era, a gift of blending melody with tremendous power and precision. Whilst the stylistic influences may be clear, Mary’s Blood have forged their own raw unique sound which gives them their truest identity within the Japanese scene and singles them out as one of the best all girl hard rock/metal bands out there.

The group have had numerous releases since their debut EP in 2011 and are currently promoting their 3rd album release, Fate which has had wide spread critical acclaim in Asia and beyond. Fate and their previous album, Bloody Palace are now being made available worldwide and if you love down, dirty, groovy and melodic heavy metal music played by fantastic female musicians with a fiery passion for what they do, then then these albums are an absolute must for any self-respecting fan of the genre!

We’ll have more news on the release of Fate very soon.

Fate (US Edition) | Released Aug 29th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Mary’s Blood are:
Eye – Lead Vocals | Saki – Guitar | Rio – Bass | Mari – Drums

Band links: Official Website (eng) | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube