The fourth release from Canadian rockers Shades Of Sorrow is titled Ascension and it’s full of heavy, groovy riffs, soaring vocals, even some acoustic songs, that takes you on a dynamic journey filled with peaks and valleys. Each song on the album has it’s own personality but still plays front to back for a seamless musical experience. Ascension also has a collaboration with the hip hop band The Cauldron Project on the track Move. The album was recorded over a two year period at the band’s “One Eyed Cat” studio. It was mixed by Danny Bourgeois at Pump’kn Patch Studios. The mastering was done by Michael Bourgeois. Initially released independently on Shades Of Sorrow’s own label, it’s now getting a well deserved worldwide release via Sliptrick Records.

Ascension is a 10-track album filled with musical hills and valleys, ranging from delicate to deadly. With elements of Thrash, Prog, and even Punk, as well as a strong melodic presence, it combines old and new into a dynamic collection of catchy and gritty songs with an overall genre-bending feel.

“Along with great studio sound quality this album is great to listen to if you’re looking for a band who’s concerned more with writing great songs with feeling than trying to fit into any particular scene or genre.”

“Upon my initial spin of the record, it reminded me of Evanescence without the nu­metal and the self­destructive part of it. The 8th track ‘Move’ is a collaboration and it’ goes full nu­metal. It sent me back to 2002 again. I’ll say no more – play it yourself and find out what the fuck is going on.”
Without Remorse Webzine

“Ascension is the neo sound of this Progressive Metal generation. Coming from all four directions, these four musicians bring their unique talents together to form a sound like no other. Monise Ouellette’s vocals is a uninque blend when combinded with the rich bass of Julien Leblanc. The two alone create perfection in harmony. Add Mike Taylor’s wizardry on the guitar and it spells out pure progressive metal. Not leaving out Pascal Deslongchamps on the drums, delicate in Acsension and Fall From Grace, and turning it up on On a Hot Summer Night. Parade of Lunatics is a wicked harmony between bass and guitar. Rounding it out with the vocals and drums, purely progressive. Skyblazer, what can I say. Flat out kicks ass. Very powerful and intense desire from each artist, incredible, is an understanement. Sleepless gives me goose bumps. Extremely well excecuted. A beautiful song. People should put the headphones on and listen………. to the whole song.”
Lyle Sloane, The Rock Asylum

Ascension | Released June 12th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Into The Nightmare | 02. On A Hot Summer Night | 03. Soul Hyperdrive | 04. Fall From Grace | 05. Ascension | 06. Parade Of Lunatics | 07. Tome Of Deceptions | 08. Move [with The Cauldron Project] | 09. Skyblazer | 10. Sleepless

Shades Of Sorrow are:
Monise Ouellette – Vocals | Mike Taylor – Guitars | Pascal Deslongchamps – Drums | Julien Leblanc – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | On Sliptrick