Sci-Fi Scientists debut Sars Attacks is a concept album providing an alternative narrative to the psychological warfare that the human race has been subjected to by mainstream media, government/corporations and globalist new world order technocrats. The lyrics are based in social commentary mentioning corrupt institutions such as the W.H.O (World Health Organisation) and some of the globalist figureheads involved such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. The lyrics also challenge the absolute ridiculousness (in the bands opinion) of mandates, mask wearing and nonsense covid laws that have no basis in science when really challenged by real scientists not funded by big pharma.

Sci-Fi Scientists is also a concept in itself about the power of human beings to create and engineer our own realities. The last two songs on the album, New Horizon and N.W.O (Natural World Order) reflect on the direction to a positive future beyond the great reset globalist oppression.

Track-by-track by the band:
It Began In A Lab speaks for itself. Where did the “pandemic” (plandemic) crisis begin, for what reason, and by whom was it created?

The F.E.A.R [False evidence appearing real] – Corruption, Distraction, Division, Control. The fear mongering has been insane throughout the last few years. Fear is the basis of psychological manipulation so constant updates about numbers from bullshit PCR testing had everyone insane and constantly on edge. When you are afraid you are easy to control. This song also highlights the ridiculous of mandates and QR vaccine passes.

Who Is The W.H.O.? – This song questions the links and connections between government, banks, pharmaceutical companies and corporations. Do these connections and financial affiliations show an incredible conflict of interest to humanity and what is happening globally? I would say across the board a resounding yes.

Bill Standing At The Gates Of The Lizard King speaks about the influence from current globalist technocrats on our human sovereignty. Why is Bill Gates suddenly the leading expert in health? What does he stand to gain from global vaccination? Also, what is his history regarding social engineering and eugenics? Check it out yourself.

The Horror – A song about the questionable benefits and side effects of current “jabs” on the market related to the current “pandemic”.

New Horizon speaks to the new positive future humanity is moving towards, as the energy changes on the planet and the current pandemic and federal slavery banking system falls apart.

N.W.O (Natural World Order) – A song about the inevitability of truth and nature and the death of the New World Order. Love is the master! Some aspects of the lyrical content are influenced from the positive perspectives of Dr. Jacqueline-Fayes Hobbs otherwise known as “Oracle Girl”. I enjoy how she sees things and her interpretations about what are happening energetically on this planet.

01. It Began In A Lab | 02. The F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) | 03. Who Is The W.H.O.? | 04. Bill Standing At The Gates Of The Lizard King | 05. The Horror | 06. New Horizon | 07. N.W.O. (Natural World Order)

Sars Attacks | Released November 22nd, 2022 on Sliptrick Records

Sci-Fi Scientists are:
Vocals – Billy Ray Virus | Guitar – Jabs Hetfield | Synth – Rick Awakeman | Bass – Vax Cavalera | Drums – Sars Ulrich

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick