Greek band Scars Of Tears, create atmospheric rock/metal with a gothic edge. The sound of the band is characterized by the strong guitar riffs of Petros, the solid drumming style of Chris and the dynamic combination of the melodic voice of Charitini juxtaposed with the brutal vocals of Babis and Thanasis. The band have already recorded one album called Scars of Tears in 2014 and are now ready to release their latest work, the delicious new album Just Dust.

Just Dust bleeds with their influences from Rammstein to Paradise Lost through to Disturbed. The album describes the general situation and difficulties that are going throughout Greece. Without any hesitation, without outside assistance, without anything or anyone able to stop them, the band recorded their second album despite financial difficulties to prove that you can achieve your goals if you keep aiming, dreaming and chasing them. All of this is ingrained in the music and ideology of Scars Of Tears and gave the band the strength to realize their vision for the album. Now it’s time to unleash Just Dust on the world.

Just Dust | Released Feb 21st, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
1. Just Dust | 2. Darkest Hour | 3. Infeasible | 4. Slayer | 5. Icefall | 6. Love & Soul | 7. Wait (Maggie Reilly Cover) | 8. Here And Now | 9. Need To Fight | 10. We Are The Same | 11. Endless Sky | 12. Ashes Of A Draw

Just Dust was recorded and mixed in Voodoo Project Studio (Thessaloniki, Greece) by Alexandros Lykostratis during the summer of 2016 and produced by Scars of Tears.

Scars Of Tears are:
Charitini Anastasiadou – Vocals | Charalampos Tsopouridis – Guitar/Vocals | Petros Nikolaou – Guitar | Christos Polyzos – Drums | Thanasis Salagiannis – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube