Slovakia metal group Eufory are set to play an online lockdown concert this Saturday at 17:00. This is pay-per-view and will cost 7,50 EUR.

Here’s the statement about the concert (Google translated); “The situation in culture is in long-term decline. Clubs closed, many concerts canceled, people working in the area without income and slowly disappearing. This situation thus liquidates everything and compensation for the losses to the culture somehow did not come. Now it’s up to you fans whether the culture will survive and function as in the past, or everything will collapse in it. Maybe you’d say let me know, because I have my life, but ask yourself if your life won’t be missing that night when you go to a music club with a friend for a concert? You will react, have fun, reset your head or make new friends.” Read more about the concert …here or check out the video below which starts in Slovalian but flips to English half way through.

Eufory – Higher And Higher
From the members’ songwriting capabilities, the technical proficiency, the lyrical thoughts to the resulting sound – all of these things have moved to another level and changed through several gears, providing the greatest amount of pleasure possible to the listeners ears. This is straight ahead, old-school influenced power metal with a modern attitude. Eufory are back with 9 tracks (including a killer Motorhead cover) and a great new sound to get the juices flowing! Read more about Higher And Higher …here

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Higher And Higher | Released on May 29th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Eufory are:
Lubos Senko – Vocals | Stevo Hodon – Guitar | Peter Drabik – Guitar | Miriama Hodon – Drums | Adrian Benca – Bass

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