Sliptrick Records welcomes Russia group Samadhi Sitaram to it’s roster and are pleased to announce July 14th as the release date for the bands second album KaliYuga Babalon, a debauched concept album of powerful hardcore tracks wrapped up in a commitment to go beyond the straightforward and strict musical formulas.

KaliYuga Babalon tells the story of an era of moral, ethic and spiritual decay, a time to which all humanity now comes according to the prophecy of the Srimad Bhagavatam 12th chapter scripture. The continuation and consummation of Hypostasis “Creation – Destruction” or the formula I.A.O. [Birth – Death – Renaissance].

KaliYuga Babalon will come hand-in-hand with various video releases which expand upon the concepts and themes contained on the album. The July 14th release date will be for the Digital/Online formats only with the CD arriving on August 8th, this year.

KaliYuga Babalon | Released August 8th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Intro | 02. Kali Yuga | 03. The Death Of A Stone | 04. Apotheosis | 05. Q.Prelude | 06. Qliphoth | 07. Orgy | 08. Shangri LA

About the band:
Samadhi Sitaram is Russian conceptual metal band working on a crest of a wave of such genres as djent, groovecore, deathcore and mathcore. Starting in 2016, the band quickly become known among metal-heads and listeners of the not only the standard music format but also due to the provoking and unusual videos they released. Their debut album CyberHarmony, along with first 3 video clips, garnered excellent feedback from the media and such rock-magazines as Bunker, Atmosfear, OR’Zine, Terroraiser and EQ Journal. In March 2017, the band was one of the headliners of the closing ceremony of the Moscow Horror Movies Festival “Kaplya (Drop)” and reached springs 2017 “TOP-7” on the Russian ROKK-charts.

Samadhi Sitaram are:
Leonid Grushko – Vocals | Sergey Zakharov – Guitar | Alexey Mosin – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube