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Ashes Collide (RUS) Alternative Rock

Ashes Collide is an alternative rock band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Their music is inspired by 2000’s American rock, based on memorable guitar riffs, simple harmonies and powerful female vocals. While this style certainly attracts lots of fans, the group are in constant search of their own unique niche within the genre.

The band was created in spring 2015 by Nikita Frolov (guitar) and Alexahder Kolchin (drums) and completed in early 2016 by Roman Vtorov (bass) and Marfa Savchenko (vocals/lyrics). Since 2016, Ashes Collide have quickly gained popularity in their hometown and neighboring cities, performing many live shows. Their first single Ashes Collide, self-released in 2016, caused a lot of interest in the local rock communities and gigs in Finland and Estonia during 2017/2018 have marked the beginning of the groups planned global expansion. The latest work of the band, the EP First Collide, which was recorded in 2017, will be released worldwide later in the year on Sliptrick Records.

Ashes Collide are now working on new album as a follow-up to First Collide and booking future gigs that will allow them to express and show their developing style plus some significant changes to the bands sound.

First Collide | Released TBA, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Ashes Collide are:
Marfa Savchenko – Vocals | Nikita Frolov – Guitar | Roman Vtorov – Bass | Aleksandr Kolchin – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | VK | On Sliptrick