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Reshitivist – Commencement By Failure
01. Narrative | 02. Unified And Destroyed | 03. Smear Of Potential | 04. Garden Of Shit | 05. Filled With Something? | 06. Disrupt Order | 07. Fabricated And Fucked Up | 08. The Deluge | 09. Spawn (Caduceus) | 10. Lethargic, Frustrated, Brainwashed? | 11. The Arsehole Man (Compassion Meets Severe Anguish) | 12. Resign | 13. Conclusion Omni

Genre: Death Metal | Black Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 23.01.18
Duration: 00:47:49 | Tracks: 13

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Commencement By Failure is Reshitivist’s debut 13 track album that can best be described as blackened death metal, yet each track has its own feel creating a sweeping journey through various sub-genres in what can be classified as death metal at its heart. Lyrically, all the songs span a number of topics ranging from misanthropy, depression, anarchy and transcendence, forming an intricate insight into the composer’s dilapidated view of a cold and broken world. Read more about Commencement By Failure …here

Reshitivist is:
Adrian Zuccon aka Bage – All instruments

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