ZWAREMACHINE – Be A Light (Special Edition)

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Track listing:
01. Pulse | 02. Remain Unseen | 03. Another Way | 04. IEYEI | 05. DRKNRG | 06. Person To Person | 07. Our Revenge | 08. Be A Light | 09. Remain Unseen (Aim & Execute Remix) | 10. Be A Light (Audiocentesis Remix) | 11. IEYEI (Planktoon Remix) | 12. Person To Person (Planktoon Remix) | 13. Remain Unseen (Planktoon Remix)

Genre: Electronic | Industrial | EBM | Darkwave
Released by: Sliptrick Records 09.06.20
Duration: 00:55:37
Tracks: 13

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The decision to have a minimal approach to the music on Be A Light was about having spaces to let the reverb decay and that is why slower tempos on this album were chosen. Zwaremachine tried to maintain a tight focus on the sounds used and have driving bass-lines and hard quantized drum machines be the prominent part of each track. A lot of the sonic choices for drums and synth sound design were also a nod to the early ’80s pioneers of EBM and electronic music, but with a more modern approach for the mixing and mastering. Read more …here

Zwaremachine are:
Mach Fox – Vocals/Synth | D-bot – Bass/Vocals | Dein Offizier – Drums/Percussion

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