YEVABOG – Between Two Fires

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Track listing:
01. A Golden Reaper | 02. In Veste Maculatum | 03. Host | 04. Rituale Romanum | 05. A Saint Or A Witch | 06. 22 Disciples Of Hell

Genre: Progressive Black Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 21.03.23
Duration: 00:22:34 | Tracks: 6

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Between Two Fires, the new maxi-EP from Yevabog, is a heavy, aggressive, evil, yet melodic and beautiful album that loosely tells a story of possession. It is titled after the novel by Christopher Buehlman. The lyrics are largely an allegory for some of the evils in the world perpetrated under the name of god and what is “good” …read more

Yevabog is:
Joel Hackett – Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Synths

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