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Track listing:
01. STENCH! | 02. Saviors | 03. DECONSTRUCTION | 04. Multi-Kill | 05. Old N0.7 | 06. DESCRETION OF HATE

Genre: Industrial Metal | Alternative Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 25.04.23
Duration: 18:44:00 | Tracks: 6

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US group UNDERXTED are proud to announce the release of their highly anticipated industrial/alternative metal album, Carnage, set to drop on April 25th via Sliptrick Records. The album showcases UNDERXTED’s signature heavy sound, blending intricate guitar riffs with pounding drums and driving bass lines, all while incorporating industrial elements that add a unique dimension to their music …read more

J.STEEL – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar | Thomas Cloud (AJ) – Backup Vocalist/Rhythm Guitar

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