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TIDES OF KHARON – Titanomachy

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Track listing:
01. Atlas Endures | 02. Titanomachy | 03. Sentinels Of Stone | 04. Kronos Descends | 05. From The Mountain

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 06.04.21
Duration: 00:25:23
Tracks: 5

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Canada’s Tides Of Kharon wage war with their sophomore release, Titanomachy. This pounding interpretation of melodic death metal captivates the listener from the first drop of the proverbial needle. Throughout Titanomachy, a concept is revealed of a decade-long battle; a battle to determine the rulers of the future. Who will win the reigns of the universe when the last drop of blood is spilled? The answer lies within the soundscape of this record, bursting with catchy melodies, impellent drums and bone-chilling vocals. Read more …here

Tides Of Kharon are:
Garrett Nelson – Vocals | Mike Burton – Guitars | Cameron Rehman – Bass | Gord Alexander – Drums

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