THE OGRE – Entity

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Track listing:
01. Macabre Hooded Specter | 02. Room Of Broken Mirrors | 03. Violent Poltergeist Manifestation | 04. Nightrider | 05. Portals | 06. Phantasmagoria | 07. Vermin | 08. Solaris | 09. Beneath The Rain

Genre: Death Metal | Black Metal | Heavy Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 28.04.20
Duration: 00:46:20
Tracks: 9

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Entity is the third album by one man band The Ogre. It’s worldwide released via Sliptrick Records on April 28th and follows-up from his second album Dead In The Water. Although the previous album had a progressive death metal feel to it, Entity comes back to a more aggressive and violent tone but with a clear song and riff writing evolution. Entity was recorded through 2018 and early 2019 at The Ogre’s Horrorsound Studios, taking time with no rush whatsoever to find the perfect sound for it. Read more …here

The Ogre are:
Diogo Marins – All Instruments/Vocals/Lyrics

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