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THE MAMMUTHUS – Last Trumpet Of A Giant

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Track listing:
01. Pile Of Gravel | 02. Last Trumpet Of A Giant | 03. Riddles | 04. Ostrich Man | 05. Tombstone Rumble | 06. Yanar Dag (The Burning Mountain) | 07. Wildfire | 08. Wooden Walls | 09. The Raven

Genre: Psychedelic Rock | Stoner Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 04.05.21
Duration: 00:44:46
Tracks: 9

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Swedish psychedelic rock group The Mammuthus are back from the permafrost with a new album called Last Trumpet Of A Giant. The album consists of nine songs and the listener will recognize the unique blend of rock elements that has become The Mammuthus’ formula. On Last Trumpet Of A Giant, all the bands members have contributed more than before in the writing process which reflects positively on the material and once again producer Gustav Ydenius has created a sound that feels both retro and fresh. Read more …here

The Mammuthus are:
Joachim Åkerman – Vocals | Mikael “Lyris” Karlsson – Guitar | Simon Wärnén – Drums | Rolf Norling – Bass | Kalle Edh – Guitar

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