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Track listing:
01. The Odd | 02. Centaurus | 03. Canonae | 04. Insights In The Meanwhile | 05. Doublebirth Lullab

Genre: Post Rock | Instrumental | Alternative Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 05.07.19
Duration: 00:28:42
Tracks: 5

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Linked to the overall vision on Hidden Voices is music which, starting from a concept free from any scheme, viscerally binds itself to the sensations and emotions of the moment and then harnesses them and evokes them in the form of images or flashbacks of a dream world in which they they mix together creating precisely the revelation of the last sound. Read more about Hidden Voices …here

The Last Sound Revelation are:
Francesco Salvitti – Guitar | Niccolò Sbernadori – Bass | Tiziano De Sante – Drum | Massimiliano Forlani – Guitar

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