THE ALIVE – Turned Up To Destroy

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Track listing:
01. Where Are My Animals | 02. All The Way To Babylon | 03. Hard Enough | 04. Lemon Crush | 05. All My Friends Are Vampires | 06. Come Get Some | 07. High On You | 08. The Real Thing (Love’s A Bitch) | 09. Haunting Me | 10. This Is Rock And Roll

Genre: Hard Rock | Classic Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 18.01.22
Duration: 00:39:49
Tracks: 10

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What this world needs right now is some big guitar, loud drum, sing along with rock ‘n’ roll songs and if you feel like you have been missing some of that then you have found the right band because that’s just what you’re getting with The Alive’s new album Turned Up To Destroy (Sexy Devil Music Vol 1). This will be the first full-length album from the Arkansas USA based band and it doesn’t disappoint …read more

The Alive are:
Wes Lee Scott – Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar | Tye Hall – Guitar | Tracy Duty – Drums

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