STRATUZ – Osculum Pacis

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Track listing:
01. Intro | 02. Morning Star | 03. Father Amorth(e) | 04. Holy Grail | 05. Caelibatus | 06. In The Name of God | 07. Back to the Sun | 08. Sodomized | 09. Dawn | 10. Left | 11. Condemned

Genre: Death | Doom | Atmospheric
Released by: Sliptrick Records 26.04.22
Duration: 00:44:25 | Tracks: 11

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Osculum Pacis is the fourth full-length album from doom death specialists Stratuz. The album features 11 brand new tracks with a whole range of new sounds, which were composed throughout the Covid-19 pandemic against all odds. Lyrically, the album’s tracks speak of the abuses of the church and its deafening silence in the face of so many denunciations of abuse, it speaks of the manipulation of the masses, injustice, but at the same time, it also speaks of the awakening of consciousness, of death as a process of transformation, the need to change ourselves in order to rise up and banish our own miseries, it speaks of rising up awareness of who we are …read more

Stratuz are:
Franklin Berroterán – Vocals/Keyboards | Leonardo Rangel – Bass | Gerónimo Egea – Guitars | Diego Cabrujas Palacios – Drums

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