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Track listing:
01. Fucked A.D. | 02. Bray With The Damned | 03. Damnation’s Own | 04. Green Machine | 05. Down To Zero | 06. Cro-Magnon | 07. Demon Cloak | 08. Born Of Ape | 09. Bringing Out The Dead | 10. Universal | 11. Bigger Louder Harder

Genre: Stoner Rock | Stoner Metal | Heavy Rock | Riff Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 25.02.20
Duration: 00:45:33
Tracks: 11

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Alpha Male is the third full-length album from Finland’s Stoner Kings. The album is peppered with potent, riff-laden material and prehistoric, strong rhythms. It’s music for the ‘alpha males’ out there in general, be it for fuel to pump up in the gym or tear down the highway on one’s chosen vehicle of choice at maximum speed. It’s equally the soundtrack to a good fight as it is the backdrop to the unfettered challenge – especially in modern times – for men in modern society to ‘man-up’. Read more …here

Stoner Kings are:
Michael “StarBuck” Majalahti – Vocals | J-J Kontoniemi – Drums | Rude Rothstén – Bass | Joonas Vepsä – Guitar

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Stoner Kings