SPEKTRVM – Blood For Heaven

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Track listing:
01. Gift Of Oizys | 02. Blood For Heaven | 03. War Of Chameleon | 04. Leviathan | 05. Trying To Breathe | 06. Rain Fire | 07. Without Borders | 08. Green God | 09. Rotten World

Genre: Heavy Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 08.07.22
Duration: 00:43:47
Tracks: 9

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The new and first album from Greek heavy metal group Spektrvm is entitled Blood For Heaven and consists of 9 tracks and 2 wide spectrums. The first and most obvious, is the musical one. This album is a heavy metal based one, but includes a lot of different musical influence points. Progressive, folk, nu, thrash, doom are just some of those musical styles and genres. The other point of focus is the lyrical one. Blood For Heaven is made up of songs that speak to different social and political failings in our society, with roots that trace back to acts of greed, pride and vanity and feelings of anger, sadness and depression. So you have to watch out for the details in both the musical composition, but also the meaning behind the lyrics …read more

Spektrvm are:
Thanos Zabetakis – Vocals | George Zikas – Guitar | Nicholas Dhamo – Guitar | Michael Pouliezos – Bass | Lyo Panagiotopoulos – Drums

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