RESOLUTION 13 – Evil Twin

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Released by: Sliptrick Records 12.05.23
Format: Online Single/Official Video
Genre: Industrial | Groove | Sci-fi | Metal

Evil Twin is the second single taking from the new album called Derelict from Resolution 13. Like their cover of Paradise Circus, Evil Twin also features Ville Tuomi of Leningrad Cowboys, Kyyria, Suburban Tribe, Raskasta Joulua on vocals. Musically, Evil Twin points back to the bands agressiever, industrial roots, while production wise it sounds undoubtedly Resolution 13. Hard hitting, melodic, epic and massive, spiced up with sci-fi like sound effects and with an awesome rhythmic twist in the catchy chorus, that takes the listener to an unexpected, but much welcomed dance of waltz.

What story the song tells, who could tell it better than Hardtone himself: “Evil Twin’s story is something I’ve wanted to right from a long time. It’s got this Jing & Jang setting to it, but with a twist. You are Jing and look yourself from the mirror and see Jang. An evil Jang. Day and night. As you realize it’s all in you, you start looking for a settlement.”

The track was produced by Tero “Max” Kostermaa, mixed by Euge Valovirta (Cyhra) and mastered by Jacob Hansen (e.g. Cyhra, Volbeat, Amaranthe). The video was filmed by Gábor and edited by Dallas in Dallas studios.

Resolution 13 are:
Hardtone – Vocals | Dallas 13 – Drums | I.T. – Bass | Gabor – Guitar

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