Project Description


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Track listing:
01. Hex Of Rex | 02. Mistress Of Pain | 03. Thief Of Hope | 04. Creatures | 05. Body And Bones | 06. Dark Ascension | 07. Beast King | 08. Damaged | 09. Queen Fiend

Genre: Hard Rock | Grunge | Goth
Released by: Sliptrick Records 27.04.21
Duration: 00:34:59
Tracks: 9

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Primarily and a mix between hard rock, grunge and goth, Residual Self utilizes scything guitars, booming effects, thunderous claps of the low-end bass and drums, while their leader Rex grunts, growls, howls, and snarls his way through their apocalyptic journeys. Accompanied by their themes of demons, lust and power, Rex aims to bring forth the “residual self” in us all. Their stark sounds and somber lyrics are designed to awaken the true primal nature and strike one’s soul at its very core, unveiling who you truly are! Read more …here

Residual Self are:
Rex Mazza – Bass/Vocals | Joshua Spaulding – Guitar | David Sasso – Drums

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